WOSPAC signs with CH Gavà

On Wednesday WOSPAC signed a new agreement with Gavà Handball Club to expand their sporting and professional capabilities and thus incorporate handball as a new WOSPAC sport. Alex Bosacoma, CEO of WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC), and Joan Castañera, President of CH Gavà, signed the agreement at a ceremony held at the facilities of the club In Gavà, Jacme March Pavilion. The head of WOSPAC, Alex Bosacoma, said that “This agreement with CH Gavà not only opens WOSPAC’s sporting possibilities with a new sport, but it also allows the development and exportation of the Spanish handball sports model to other parts of the world. We are pleased to work hand in hand with a benchmark Catalan and Spanish handball club. It is an honour to have them and, without a doubt, we will achieve great things for handball.” Meanwhile, the President of the Catalan club, Joan Castañera has thanked “The collaboration and support from WOSPAC has provided our club with an international projection, in addition to supporting a minority sport. From the beginning, when our technical director spoke to us of the project, we saw that because of the way we work, we could generate interesting synergies thanks to WOSPAC”. CH Gavà, an opportunity for handball lovers Gavà Handball Club is a club that was founded more than 50 years and one that wants to continue writing their story in the world of handball, now alongside WOSPAC. With clear objectives: grow as a club, identify national and international talent and find the best ways to make boys and girls continue training to become the handball professionals. As pointed out by Castañera: “minority sports such as handball, in the near future, will be on the rise, and have the opportunity to place the club in a safe and privileged position that will help us to emerge in this joint project with WOSPAC. Hard work accompanied by the best professionals and with the best tools, no doubt, are the ideal combination to achieve success.”


Few days ago, WOSPAC signed its first agreement with a sports club that is not related to the world of football, the Gavà Handball Club, thus, becoming a new sport for the company.  On Thursday, April 30, WOSPAC once again expanded their sports and professional boundaries to other sports closing a partnership with the Almeda Basketball Club. The signing at the basketball club’s headquarters, located in Cornellà, was attended by the CEO of WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC), Alex Bosacoma and the President of CB Almeda, Manuel Estepa. For WOSPAC, basketball is also new experience, because for the past 5 years it has been responsible for the training of more than 10,000 football players and 3,000 coaches. It is a job that will provided WOSPAC with a unique experience, taking on a new sport and meeting its expectations. The first to take the floor following the signing of the agreement was the head of WOSPAC, Alex Bosacoma, who expressed his support for basketball highlighting “the great opportunity that working with Club Basquet Almeda represents as it brings us closer to quality basketball and to search for international projection.” “We want the club Almeda to become a benchmark to all the basketball players from around the world who come to Spain to look for opportunities, rising to the highest level at this club from Cornellà”. Bosacoma also said that “it is a pleasure to be able to work with the CB Almeda and to grow together through basketball”. Then Manuel Estepa, President of CB Almeda did not want to waste any time getting to his point that “this agreement with WOSPAC is a great initiative that we are really looking for to. We already are a club with a significant history in Catalan and even state basketball, and this collaboration can give us a very interesting sports package.” Estepa also wanted to point out that “the work and the characteristics of our club will facilitate, without any doubt, the collaboration with WOSPAC. It is possible we will get surprises, in the form of players, and may see athletes very different than the ones we have here at the moment. This is not only be relevant for the quality of the players, but being able to combine sport with the social aspects that will take place. A challenge that we are willing to accept.” CB Almeda, the pool of female basketball Talking about female basketball can often be difficult and even more when we refer to a semi-professional club as the Club Basketball Almeda, but the facts throughout the years have shown that the club, under Estepa’s guidance has become the benchmark. “We have one of the 3 or 4 most potential pools of female basketball players and we are working to continue this trend. This can be a means to attract players from all over the world thanks to WOSPAC. But we are also working hard to reach the highest level with the male basketball. We have already moved up the ranks and [...]

Harvard University in Cornellà – WOSPAC

On Friday 5th of June, the Nou Municipal in Cornellà was visited by the men’s soccer team of the prestigious Harvard University to play a friendly match against the Youth B of UE Cornellà.The players of Cambridge, Massachusetts visited Spain after a short Italy tour, to learn about Spanish football and to take the opportunity to face some spanish teams in a couple of friendly matches. The opponent of the university students was the Juvenil B team of the green entity. In their first friendly match in Barcelona the Americans won by 2 goals to 0 against UE Cornellà, with SOCCER Stages member Joey Soeder in its raks. Both teams measured their potential in a closely fought first part, with many touches of quality by Cornellà but little success in front of the goal. The Harvard team had some very good chances, some saved by the goalkeeper and others frustrated by a strong local defense. But just before the end of the first half of the match, and after a good combination, the university team scored the first goal. After the break, Soeder, also American, entered the field to play the second half. The game continued in the same vein and just a few minutes after resumption, the Harvard team scored the second and final goal on the scoreboard. A good play on the left side that ended with a powerful shot into the net of the Cornellà team. A good experience for both teams. But the day in Cornellà was not finished for the Harvard men’s team. After the match some team members of WOSPAC accompanied the whole expedition, more than 30 people, to make a visit through our facilities to show how our players live in Barcelona.

WOSPAC in Saudi Arabia – WOSPAC

WOSPAC business and boundaries is enlarging quickly. We just opened a new country franchise such as Saudi Arabia.Yaser M Al-Harbi in Rihad, from now on a new agent responsable to open new franchise collaboration with Soccer clubs and organizations in Saudi Arabia. He is moving the business with a new promotional Campus this September/October and then a possible WOSPAC Academy as a permanent business on site. Yaser is fully untitled to propose, manage and organize with several local clubs all sort of WOSPAC services and products from now on. We are all sure in our Barcelona headquarter that we will do a great job and a fantastic success. Post navigation

New agent in Peru – WOSPAC

  If just a week ago we spoke about a new WOSPAC franchise in Saudi Arabia, today our CEO, Alex Bosacoma has signed an agreement to start WOSPAC Peru. Juan José Benavente will be henceforth the responsible for the new WOSPAC franchise in Peru and becomes this way a link between clubs and football organizations in the world to have the wide range of services WOSPAC offers. Benavente was very excited about this opportunity: “to work with WOSPAC is a pleasure and to offer all these services in Latin America certainly will help us to continue to grow and highlight the emerging soccer potential in Peru. Working with a methodology that has already yielded positive results and it is always rewarding and to do it next to famous people from the world of football training, as Albert Benaiges, is even more rewarding.” For that, Benavente will have all the necessary tools of organization and management to perform successfully the implementation of the WOSPAC model in the Peruvian sport. From Barcelona, we are convinced that your desires, your passion and your good work, will make WOSPAC Peru successful. Post navigation

Xavi Simons trip to Bermuda

The Youngster of FC Barcelona, Xavi Simons, has traveled with his father Regillio Simons and his older brother Faustino to Bermuda to learn about the Academy of WOSPAC in Bermuda. After winning the League with FC Barcelona with 5 games to play with a difference of 23 points over the second place, the challenging summer tournaments arrived. First stop was the “Promises League” held in Villareal and where the Simons team lost a hotly contested final against Sevilla FC by one goal on the scoreboard. Next destination, a week later, Barranquilla, Colombia to play the II International Tournament Promises League, after finishing as runner-up the state league.  The team captained by Simons, made a great tournament and reached the final again. A final, with Spanish color, as FCB turned to face Sevilla FC. Barça got the previous defeat off the back and beat Seville with a convincing 5-2.  And after some days full of competition, the well deserved vacations arrived, but without leaving aside football. WOSPAC invited the Simons family to spend a few days in Bermuda to learn about the Bermudian football and thus show the local players the results of hard work and sacrifice. Kenny Thompson, director of WOSPAC Bermuda has pioneered the journey of the Simons and has been very pleased with this experience: “Examples like Xavi Simons, makes all players of any category of Bermuda to have more desire to keep playing and learning. They have been playing together with a future star of world football who has shown talent and spectacular class with only 12 years. It has certainly been a very rewarding experience for everyone.”  During these 10 days, Xavi has participated in the Camp held at the premises of WOSPAC Bermuda and has trained young local players, leaving everybody impressed because of his quality and above all, because of his love to football. The young Dutch star, has also been enjoying the amazing beaches of Bermuda and some of the most popular festivals of the islands. “Having Xavi with us these days has been amazing, he has shown his human side at all times, always with a smile on his face, signing autographs and taking pictures with his fans. It’s a real star and from Bermuda we wish him well. Good luck friend and thank you very much for your visit.”

Agreement in South Korea


At WOSPAC business we work to expand our borders and provide different countries and cities of the necessary tools to develop sports business. While we have recently signed agreements with Saudi Arabia and Peru, we are pleased to inform you that we have a new franchise in South Korea, thanks to the work of its director Lee Jang SangJae. Lee Jang is very excited about this new project that aims to export the working methods of Barcelona to the Korean nation and to develop WOSPAC Korea as a leader in Asia. “Korean soccer has yet to live an evolution and we want WOSPAC Korea to be one of the leaders of this qualitative growth” commented Lee Jang. The WOSPAC franchise in Korea wants to become the connecting link to promote football and so contacting clubs, sports centers and universities being a reference at national and international level, with the support of WOSPAC Spain.

For Lee Jang “it is very interesting to start a project like WOSPAC. The years of experience speaks for itself and the results are evident. Certainly with the support of a successful organization as WOSPAC, the project will acquire values and a positive course. I am very happy to create this link Spain-Korea and undoubtedly we will work to repeat the success”. From our headquarters in Barcelona we are sure they will do a great job and we will offer them full support to make it a great project. Post navigation


WOSPAC with África. This time in Senegal, we went to meet Seck Baye Daouda as part of an agreement for a franchise. WOSPAC Business job continues and the success with this new agreement in Africa proves it. The plan is to start with a new soccer academy in the Dakar’s region, in Yene, about 30km south of the Senegal’s capital. Seck Baye Daouda which is in charge of the Senegal project, will fly this month, to make their dream come truth and that is to build a sport academy to help young and talented Senegalese young sportsmen and women to improve and give a real chance! Baye Daouda will be in contact with a different clubs in the region of Dakar, also will be talking to various partners to try to give a support to the African academy. Seck was really excited: “we know that to make a new academy knowing all the limits that we have in our country it’s not an easy job, but I’m ready to take this responsibility. On top of it, I’m very satisfied about this connection between Spain and Senegal, because it’s a new way to given an opportunity to these young Senegalese players, to get an educational and sports training of very good level in Barcelona. We will be the most important assets to write a new future to these guys”. For WOSPAC business it’s a pleasure to continue opening borders and creating paths between different countries (Bermuda, Australia, Peru, Saudi Arabia and South Korea), all united by a passion, sport

Connection with Argentina – WOSPAC

Most of us know that soccer is the Sports King, but are times like this that helps us realize the power of our sport. Everything begun with a visit from Francisco Pochettino to our facilities in Cornellà this past Wednesday, August the 19th and the world that surrounds soccer spoke by itself. Pochettino is an entrepreneur from Argentina who counts with several projects linked to soccer's world, and those are de Abriendo Fronteras and Soñando con el gol. Abriendo fronteras is an entity created to promote the development of soccer and generate links with other institutions around the world. Based in Rosario, Argentina they work to find, form and promote young talent searching for an international projection giving support as a sports agent. Meanwhile, the project Soñando con el gol, will be in charge of organizing private tournaments of Soccer 7 in free categories and different divisions. An extensive experience and a wide network of contacts, such as Associations and Sports Federations throughout Argentina will make the work done by Mr. Pochettino generate new synergies and new services where WOSPAC could be the link in between both countries and manifest itself in the success of a joint project. We will be telling you more!


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