The most experienced active E-Sport club in Spain opens its doors to train young talents from all over the world in Barcelona. With more than 20 years of experience, and more than 70 titles won, WIZARDS is nationally and internationally honored for being a great discoverer and trainer of talent. With the desire to find and promote new talents, WIZARDS launches the first E-Sports BOARDING program in Spain thanks to its agreement with WOSPAC.

WIZARDS believes in the talent of people, but at the same time we believe that with work, effort, commitment and practice there is a greater possibility of becoming a great professional player.

The path from the amateur world to the professional world is long and complicated, but at WIZARDS Barcelona Academy we will train you with the best so that you can achieve it.

The double W is here!

WIZARDS and WOSPAC come together to create the first esports BOARDING Academy in Spain. The future has arrived.

Wizards – Reference of E-Sports in Spain

WOSPAC – A reference in the training of athletes from all over the world. Visit to see all that WOSPAC can offer you.

Founded in 2002, WIZARDS is the most experienced active E-Sports club in Spain, awarded both nationally and internationally, it stands out for being a great discoverer and trainer of talent. Throughout its history, WIZARDS has competed in over 30 different games, winning over 70 titles, and has been home to over 300 top-level players.

WIZARDS is above all a benchmark club in inclusion and diversity, committed and with values, but it does not neglect its competitive side. It has remained in the sports elite since its creation and is a pioneer in international competition. Wherever a player bears the WIZARDS brand, he will be recognized and respected, from Madrid to Hong Kong.

What started in 2002 as a group of friends has become a national phenomenon. Team WIZARDS has managed to stand out in the competitive landscape of the moment, managing to position itself as one of the leading multisquads in the E-Sports scene and forging rivalries that last over the years. In 2002, an electronic sports legend was born who fights tirelessly to be the most successful club in Spain and recognized worldwide.

The WIZARDS By WOSPAC E-Sport BOARDING offers international sports-educational programs to train young people from all over the world, ages ranging from 12 to 24, throughout the school period. WIZARDS by WOSPAC programs can include accommodation, studies, e-sports, different sports disciplines, among other services such as dining room service, diets, insurance and VISA. We customize your stay to measure.

There are different BOARDING programs depending on the age and needs of each family. For this reason, we first recommend making a short-term stay prior to your annual stay, with the aim of getting to know each other and assessing whether the objectives sought by the family in the international education of their children are met. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city where young people from all over the world learn, enjoy, have fun and develop a sports career in a unique, healthy and safe environment.

Last month @LauLaLokita and @TiesoGamer belonging to WizardsClub visited WOSPAC residency and shared their experience with the rest of players. We are very glad to meet you.