We are pleased to announce a new agreement closed with the Uzbekistan Football Academy Я Academy.

As a starting point we are going to carry out a first TRYOUT, at the end of next October, in Uzbekistan to select the players who will have the great opportunity to travel to Barcelona and participate in the soccer competition that will be held with local teams of the Catalan city.

The director of WOSPAC International, Xavi Hidalgo will travel to this Central Asian country as a scout and will make the selection of players.

The players of the teams selected in the Uzbekistan TRYOUT and who will travel to Barcelona, will have the pleasure of facing local teams of high competitive level, will train with the best professionals and will be able to enjoy the city while taking language classes to make the most of their stay.

We are sure that the sports development model starting in Uzbekistan will be a success and for this reason we are already targeting other Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan to continue with WOSPAC’s commitment to international soccer.

WOSPAC developing football opportunities.