Morocco is a country with a real passion for soccer. That is why WOSPAC works with sports professionals, committed and committed to the development of soccer in the country.

Talent, enthusiasm and dedication is what we perceive every time we deal with the people behind each sports project in Morocco. Both players and coaches strive to improve in every aspect in order to reach higher and higher goals.

The ultimate goal of every player is to become a professional footballer, so WOSPAC is the ideal way to start laying the foundations of a long-term project that wants to be able to train its athletes to reach the highest level.

WOSPAC has a clear commitment with the Moroccan country and that is why it is helping in the development of some sports projects together with Mr. Ibrahim in lovely cities like Chefchaouen and Meknes, so that thanks to his experience and advice they can achieve their goals.

WOSPAC, together with Mr. Ibrahim and his team, will give the players and coaches of the country the opportunity to show their talent and develop their sports and professional careers.

Morocco has an extraordinary sporting potential, so the agreement that started earlier this year we are sure will start to succeed very soon.
Best wishes, dear Ibrahim, you are already part of the WOSPAC team!