Last January, Wospac started a project dedicated to the study and research of the influence of soccer and its impact on society. This project focused mainly on 3 countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. First stop: Saudi Arabia. Great expectation after the reception of the Spanish Super Cup by Saudi Arabian society. The atmosphere in the days leading up to the Super Cup final was incredible, with both Saudi and Spanish colorful streets. After such a spectacular event, Wospac went deep into the country’s grassroots soccer through partners in the city of Riyadh, with whom they spent several days working with different academies and clubs in the city.

Undoubtedly, Saudi Arabia will be a country of great renown in the future of soccer and Wospac will be fortunate to support its great projects.
Next stop: United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai. Here, Wospac professionals saw a massive development on a large scale, not only at the level of infrastructure and attractions for tourism but also at the sporting level.

In the Emirates, there was a great eagerness to improve the soccer level of both players and coaches. With different leagues already consolidated, teams compete weekly throughout the year, in the same way as in Spain. In addition, there is a strong commitment in the country to Spanish players and coaches.
Again with the help of the partners, WOSPAC had the opportunity to get to know this great evolution from the inside.

Finally: Cairo (Egypt). There, WOSPAC spent some wonderful days with the members of the WOSPAC Egypt Academy. Visits were made to two of the four sites that Wospac currently has in that country with more than 200 players. One of the most important in the city.

During the stay in the country of the Pharaohs, a big tournament was also held with the participation of two WOSPAC Egypt teams. Once the tournament was over, the International Director of WOSPAC (Xavi Hidalgo) talked to the kids and gave them some details of WOSPAC Barcelona.

Fortunately, the work of WOSPAC at an international level is growing noticeably. WOSPAC Egypt is an academy that has been in existence for two years and is a reference and a source of great pride for the WOSPAC family.