WOSPAC continues its struggle to promote the growth of sport around the world. Therefore, it is involved in several aid projects in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet. Some are points of conflict, where this type of initiatives achieve the integration of people belonging to more disadvantaged groups. The main objective is to achieve a better coexistence, and for the moment we are fulfilling. The work done so far is giving results.

These helps make the good work that WOSPAC has shown can always be felt. Children are the ones who notice these initiatives. They can awaken the dreams that had been stolen. Thus, they integrate with boys and girls just like them, and can share those activities. Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to learn to live and share. All help is not enough for the most disadvantaged, but WOSPAC gets thanks to the sport that many young people are able to cope better.

The WOSPAC brand is positioning itself in the world of international sport. And many institutions are beginning to be interested in our initiatives and methods of expansion of the large-scale formative sport. New seeds are being planted, which we hope will become a great network of contacts. We want many more aids and options to bring new opportunities to everyone. Of course WOSPAC would like to reach many more people, and unfortunately all the initiatives that are created are still insufficient. But from WOSPAC we are very motivated to continue transmitting the values that the sport teaches, and to expand them in those parts of the world, where it has more meaning than to be a simple game. It’s not about being the best. It’s not about always winning. Sometimes it only matters that nobody loses.

Alex Bosacoma

Football Barcelona Agent