Recently the data of studies carried out by the “Consorci de Turisme del Baix Llobregat” dedicated to the previous season. This partnership is dedicated to comparing tourism results In any of its variants throughout the region. As far as WOSPAC is concerned, there are several very significant relevant data. The study notes that the hotel that has hosted more tourists with sports interests has been the Hotel Campanile of Cornellá de Llobregat. This is the closest hotel to the WOSPAC residence, and this influx is due to the great contribution of customers who come, directly or indirectly, from WOSPAC to Barcelona.

This information has been very well received by the CEO of WOSPAC, Mr. Alex Bosacoma. He has emphasized his commitment to the city, and the desire that Cornellá and WOSPAC be related for a long time. It has also stated that “international personal and economic efforts are bearing fruit and that now WOSPAC, thanks to the support of many entities of the city of Cornellá, will be able to help even more if it fits the sport, city and business fabric of the city”.

It is also significant that many of these guests repeat stay due to the good experience gained in the past. This data serves to corroborate that you are working in the right direction. The illusion of continuing to improve and grow is also reflected. Knowing that you are an important asset for your city generates a very beautiful and motivating responsibility.

The commitment of WOSPAC with Cornellá de Llobregat is to be able to help to the maximum of inhabitants of the city, and also from its surroundings. We create new jobs, and increase opportunities for personal growth in a globalized world. And we do it by highlighting sports and educational values.

Alex Bosacoma

Football Barcelona Agent