Few days ago, WOSPAC signed its first agreement with a sports club that is not related to the world of football, the Gavà Handball Club, thus, becoming a new sport for the company. 

On Thursday, April 30, WOSPAC once again expanded their sports and professional boundaries to other sports closing a partnership with the Almeda Basketball Club. The signing at the basketball club’s headquarters, located in Cornellà, was attended by the CEO of WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC), Alex Bosacoma and the President of CB Almeda, Manuel Estepa.

For WOSPAC, basketball is also new experience, because for the past 5 years it has been responsible for the training of more than 10,000 football players and 3,000 coaches. It is a job that will provided WOSPAC with a unique experience, taking on a new sport and meeting its expectations.

The first to take the floor following the signing of the agreement was the head of WOSPAC, Alex Bosacoma, who expressed his support for basketball highlighting “the great opportunity that working with Club Basquet Almeda represents as it brings us closer to quality basketball and to search for international projection.” “We want the club Almeda to become a benchmark to all the basketball players from around the world who come to Spain to look for opportunities, rising to the highest level at this club from Cornellà”. Bosacoma also said that “it is a pleasure to be able to work with the CB Almeda and to grow together through basketball”.

Then Manuel Estepa, President of CB Almeda did not want to waste any time getting to his point that “this agreement with WOSPAC is a great initiative that we are really looking for to. We already are a club with a significant history in Catalan and even state basketball, and this collaboration can give us a very interesting sports package.”

Estepa also wanted to point out that “the work and the characteristics of our club will facilitate, without any doubt, the collaboration with WOSPAC. It is possible we will get surprises, in the form of players, and may see athletes very different than the ones we have here at the moment. This is not only be relevant for the quality of the players, but being able to combine sport with the social aspects that will take place. A challenge that we are willing to accept.”

CB Almeda, the pool of female basketball

Talking about female basketball can often be difficult and even more when we refer to a semi-professional club as the Club Basketball Almeda, but the facts throughout the years have shown that the club, under Estepa’s guidance has become the benchmark. “We have one of the 3 or 4 most potential pools of female basketball players and we are working to continue this trend. This can be a means to attract players from all over the world thanks to WOSPAC. But we are also working hard to reach the highest level with the male basketball. We have already moved up the ranks and we are currently competing against the big clubs in the Catalan basketball ” Estepa said.

With this agreement, WOSPAC and Club Basketball Almeda open the door to new possibilities in basketball and intended to elevate the sport, working hand in hand with new talent from around the world.