Dave Joseph, Director of WOSPAC Australia, visited last week the WOSPAC headquarters in Barcelona to work on the launch of the new project that WOrld SPort ACademy will run in the Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Dave Joseph met the CEO of WOSPAC, Alex Bosacoma, and the athletic staff to study how to implement best new ideas in the Australian country and how to optimize resources and its implementation to be more profitable. With the start of this new proposal, Joseph wants to help clubs, schools, colleges and universities in Australia to enjoy free stays for players, coaches and students in Barcelona.

“We know it will be hard work and therefore we have to take care of every detail to achieve our goals. Despite this, I have no doubt, we will popularize WOSPAC throughout Australia” said Joseph during his meeting with Bosacoma. 

Thanks to this work, we set a strategy to position WOSPAC in the large Australian market and thus earn the reputation as a reference in the sports sector: WOSPAC offers and provides real training for athletes. A job that would not be possible without our partnerships with major organizations as the FFA (Football Federation Australia) that help to improve the players and coaches giving them the opportunity to continue and expand their training in the best clubs of Barcelona.