The doors of the sportive training and education in Barcelona finally are open to everybody!!! Is it true that everybody would like to achieve his dream to be selected in his country by a scout of FC Barcelona to live in La Masia? Millions of athletes would like it, but the truth is that this rarely happens.

WOSPAC gives the opportunity for athletes from all over the world to be visible in the city of Barcelona and have many more possibilities to be visible by the scouts of top teams in the city of Barcelona. In the annual program of WOSPAC every athlete fits, not only the chosen ones, or the ones who are selected, but everybody who has the dream to improve in his favourite sport, learn a new language and make international friendships.

At WOSPAC we assure you to improve athletically and educationally, and we also give you the necessary visibility to be followed by the scouts. Everything depends on you, WOSPAC provides you all the necessary tools to improve in a healthy and safe environment, and with the help of great professionals, with a lot of experience in the training of athletes and people… What are you waiting for to live the experience of your life?