On Monday, November 30th, more than 50 young Korean footballers, their leaders, teachers and coaches visited WOSPAC.

The Korean Football Association has a very interesting training program for their young athletes. To explore the football around to the world, meet new cultures and mainly to test the level of the Korean, they go abroad. This time they went to Spain and WOSPAC helped to add new experiences to the Korean Football Association.

Upon arrival, they were able to visit the first floor. While the boys were between 10 and 12 years old, they formed an organized group. They were organized into rows and they were very disciplined. Didac Rodriguez, Soccer Manager of WOSPAC and Eric Bertran, Director of Marketing and Communication were helped by Sangjae Lee Jang, WOSPAC Korea director. He was willing to explain everything. He explained the visit of the property and facilities of WOSPAC. Afterwards they went to the UE Cornella stadium to play friendly matches.

To welcome the Korean expedition at WOSPAC, WOSPAC team wanted to give a small gift. Each member of the Korean expedition received a Wospac-backpack and a hat.

The visit began at the gym and swimming pool. Here, all members of the SOCCER Stages program could, during their stay, enjoy at any time. They listened intently. Then they visited the residence. They visited the various rooms and apartments, as well as the “living room”. Footballer Kim Hoyong (SOCCER Stages Player) told in Korean about his life at WOSPAC.

After seeing the residence, they went to UE Cornellà. Once there, they made a small tour through the area of UE Cornellà. They visited the goalkeeper area, offices, gym and the changing rooms. In the conference hall “Jordi Alba”, they saw the video of WOSPAC. After the video their a lottery was held. Here they could win WOSPAC-clothes.

After the tour we went to the new main field of UE Cornellà. The boys were willing to play 4 matches of 30 minutes each at UE Cornellà main field. A very successful visit and we from WOSPAC want to see you again.