The last two seasons have become a turning point for WOSPAC. The work done has served to gain international prestige. Several institutions around the world have awarded WOSPAC with awards and recognitions to their training. Especially for the dedication to the improvement of trainers and athletes.

Several personalities related to the sports world have expressed their opinions on this. For example, the councilor of sports of the city of Cuzco in Peru points out that “WOSPAC is a company that has helped to train our technicians altruistically, simply with the aim of improving the sport in our city.”

Over the past year, more than 1,000 people have been trained in some of the WOSPAC courses. The students come from very different points of the globe. This has been fundamental to receive awards from different municipalities and sports organizations from cities around the world.

Several media outlets have also echoed the progress of WOSPAC. Has been nominated as the sports, education, and tourism association of Barcelona that best helps integrate its citizens.

Alex Bosacoma

Football Barcelona Agent