WOSPAC Stages offers elite programs to athletes in the city of Barcelona to improve in the field of sports and education. At WOSPAC we also have annual programs and monthly or weekly programs.

In the short-term programs we assure you to live a great sportive and leisure experience in the city of Barcelona. For the annual program we assure you to learn a new language, improve in your sport and make new friends… If we cannot achieve this, we give your money back.

The programs of WOSPAC stand as a benchmark in the city of Barcelona, and they provide young athletes from all over the world with all the necessary tools to live their experience of their lives.

IMPORTANT: Until the end of June, WOSPAC offers great advantages to all the international athletes who come to try the 1-week program. After the try-out, if the athletes sign for the annual program, the 1-week stay that has been already realized, will be for free, and they will also get the residence for free during the whole annual program. This offer has a value of almost 6.000€, so what are you waiting for!!! (Only for the 5 first contracts that are realized in April).