WOSPAC is celebrating again but not to welcome a new member, but because our coach and video analyst Didac Soler starts a new professional adventure in sports with the big FC Barcelona.

Didac Soler arrived WOSPAC  to support the technical and tactical area in the soccer department, providing its expertise in specific monthly reports for each of the players that train in the program SOCCER Stages. It is a meticulous work of exhaustive analysis that has served the young players to discover their strengths and weaknesses, in order to improve day after day.

In addition, Soler also prepared videos and highlight reports of the soccer players of the program WOSPAC Soccer Players, in order to be seen by team/coaches interested in them. It is a convenient visual reference to discover talents.

Soler is very excited after his move to FC Barcelona: “This news is incredible and although it has not been easy to become part of this new project of FCB, I can say that the experience with WOSPAC has helped me a lot to take this step. I had a really good time and above all, I have now good friends from the world of professional soccer”.

Soler has joined the tactical professional soccer training department of FC Barcelona (Barça B and Youth). He will continue doing what he likes best: analysis of matches to get information about and about the own team and the players of FCB. He will also record trainings and matches of the grassroots teams of FCB for further analysis, and surely much more.

Didac, good luck, we will follow your steps!