Francisco Pochettino

Most of us know that soccer is the Sports King, but are times like this that helps us realize the power of our sport.

Everything begun with a visit from Francisco Pochettino to our facilities in Cornellà this past Wednesday, August the 19th and the world that surrounds soccer spoke by itself. Pochettino is an entrepreneur from Argentina who counts with several projects linked to soccer’s world, and those are de Abriendo Fronteras and Soñando con el gol.

Abriendo fronteras is an entity created to promote the development of soccer and generate links with other institutions around the world. Based in Rosario, Argentina they work to find, form and promote young talent searching for an international projection giving support as a sports agent. Meanwhile, the project Soñando con el gol, will be in charge of organizing private tournaments of Soccer 7 in free categories and different divisions.

An extensive experience and a wide network of contacts, such as Associations and Sports Federations throughout Argentina will make the work done by Mr. Pochettino generate new synergies and new services where WOSPAC could be the link in between both countries and manifest itself in the success of a joint project.

We will be telling you more!