At SOCCER Coach we want to make a special mention of Santiago Cabrera, a young coach from Venezuela but based in New York, who has been enjoying the Catalan city of Barcelona and football for ten days thanks to WOSPAC

Santiago Cabrera is currently coach of various teams in the lower categories of the New York Red Bulls, an important MLS team where some famous players like Rafael Márquez, Thierry Henry and Juninho Prenambucano have played. He works with passion and says: “I love the game and I am very fortunate to play, train, live, feel, observe and enjoy football in Venezuela, Brazil, Portugal and the United States. The experiences I have gained in these soccer environments, culturally very different, have led me to work a philosophy of player development based on the game as the master.”

His arrival in Barcelona is marked by a curious fact, that Santiago contacted our CEO, Alex Bosacoma through the social network: “I came to know WOSPAC and all it has to offer as I find it very interesting. The first contact with Alex came through Linkedin and the common interests were so many that I got the opportunity to come to Barcelona. And here I am. It is a pleasure, without any doubt.”

Cabrera was able to experience firsthand the world of coach in Catalunya.“In these ten days I have been assisting Gonzalo, the Youth Team B coach of UE Cornellà, in all of pre-season training and some games and everything went really well. I am very impressed with the Cornellà and all they have to offer”, added the Venezuelan coach.

For Cabrera it has been a very positive experience and a very positive impression. He is clearly aware that there is a great clash of cultures and views in the world of soccer. The way to understand the game is completely different and there are also different methodological visions: “The culture of soccer in Spain is highly developed and there is potential in the United States, not just in MLS, but in grassroots football, as there are many opportunities for future collaborations”.

These are opportunities not to be missed. It is important to know them closely and to see how WOSPAC can help the development of soccer in the United States. Cabrera, when returning to the United States will also help Jaime Alonso, director of our franchise in the American country. Good luck my friend, keep in touch!