At WOSPAC business we work to expand our borders and provide different countries and cities of the necessary tools to develop sports business.

While we have recently signed agreements with Saudi Arabia and Peru, we are pleased to inform you that we have a new franchise in South Korea, thanks to the work of its director Lee Jang SangJae.

Lee Jang is very excited about this new project that aims to export the working methods of Barcelona to the Korean nation and to develop WOSPAC Korea as a leader in Asia. “Korean soccer has yet to live an evolution and we want WOSPAC Korea to be one of the leaders of this qualitative growth” commented Lee Jang.

The WOSPAC franchise in Korea wants to become the connecting link to promote football and so contacting clubs, sports centers and universities being a reference at national and international level, with the support of WOSPAC Spain.

For Lee Jang “it is very interesting to start a project like WOSPAC. The years of experience speaks for itself and the results are evident. Certainly with the support of a successful organization as WOSPAC, the project will acquire values and a positive course. I am very happy to create this link Spain-Korea and undoubtedly we will work to repeat the success”.

From our headquarters in Barcelona we are sure they will do a great job and we will offer them full support to make it a great project.