We are pleased to announce that WOSPAC is still working in different areas around the world and has just signed a second agreement for collaboration in Africa.

The first agreement was in Senegal, the second collaboration agreement reaches more than 2,500 kilometers away, particularly in Nigeria. This new agreement on the African continent isn’t a coincidence, as well as Alex Bosacoma CEO WOSPAC, the sports in Africa wants to break barriers in some countries, and gradually introduce and provide the necessary tools to develop football training.

Currently there are few institutions that are working in Nigeria and, in turn, they have revealed new structures of work to train football talents. The Midtown Soccer School is one of the pioneering schools and longest forming athletes. Kayode Joshua Mobolaji, head of the school told us: “The Soccer School Midtown create direct links with professional clubs in the UK, US and Europe. We also offer training programs for the young community of players. This to give them the opportunity to improve and give them a chance, not only in our country but in the world.”

Recently Korean children have visited WOSPAC. We hope that African boys and girls visit WOSPAC soon! All with the same goal, to offer unique experiences and provide options for Nigerian players to be part of a Spanish top club.

Mobolaji is very satisfied with this new project between Midtown Soccer School and WOSPAC. They want to export the working methods of the best teams in Barcelona to Nigeria. Of course, besides developing WOSPAC as a leader in African sport.

For the WOSPAC business it is a pleasure to continue to opening borders and help new countries such as Bermuda, Australia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Russia, Senegal and now Nigeria. United for the sport and shaping the future of young athletes.

The whole WOSPAC team is excited by this idea and want to build large sports project worldwide.