WOSPAC Sponsor was created with the purpose of helping Clubs, Facilities and Companies. The objective is to achieve that Companies allocate economic resources to promote their products or services through direct Marketing. These promotions will benefit both parties, the clubs and the sport facilities, with economic income, and the companies, spreading the brand of their products or services.

What would a COMPANY think if its brand had 7 million views per year? And what would they think if their brand was viewed by the same people on a recurring basis during the year? The answer most likely would be that this is the effective brand implementation in the mind of the consumer, which means the loyal clients in the future. On the other hand, what would a CLUB or a FACILITY think about getting a minimum amount of 3.000€ per year from sponsorships? The answer most likely would be of course. Working on these questions and answers, WOSPAC Sponsor, will help creating a mutually beneficial relationship between Companies and Institutions.

The objective is clear, and now only the Clubs, Facilities and Companies are needed. If you are a Club, and want to get a minimum amount of 3.000€ per year from sponsorships, or if you are a Company, and want to have a minimum of 7 million views per year on your brand, get in touch with WOSPAC Sponsor and we will show you the different ways of collaboration.