WOSPAC Pro is a new service that covers the need that many players are when they end their stage as athletes from their respective clubs in lower categories and become part of senior sport.

WOSPAC Pro aims to provide the opportunity for athletes aged between 18 and 25 years of age, to continue training athletically at clubs of the highest quality and offer a royal chance for them to continue making progress in the sports arena on an international scale.

In addition WOSPAC Pro provides the team, tools, and the support needed for athletes, who have finished their youth training stage and must continue their sporting training at amateur teams, semi-professional teams and professional teams.

This service also works with football federations, clubs and entities around the world that offer unique opportunities to train and play in the best teams in Barcelona, as well as improve the athlete’s projections for the future.

What your sport?

You can find details of our services to the PRO depending on the sport you practice: