WOSPAC Cub Consultant is a service specializing in the management and advice for sports clubs in a comprehensive manner. The philosophy of WOSPAC Cub Consultant is based on making available the highest quality in the service provided, to achieve the satisfaction of their customers, providing the most appropriate solutions to their demands through a direct and personalized advice.

Backed by the brand WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC), WOSPAC Cub Consultant has extensive experience in the management of all sorts of sports clubs of different sizes and disciplines. It is characterized by offering individualized advice to its customers by providing certain services to the sporting authority, which include sports management, marketing, communication, sales, management, financial and legal advice, as well as advice about staff and operations.

WOSPAC Cub Consultant offers every team comprehensive support and is always focusing on innovation, professionalism and efficiency, being its fundamental aim to offer the best solutions to ensure the optimum development for the club.

The narrow loop that keeps WOSPAC Cub Consultant with sport federations, clubs, companies and major institutions around the world, as well as with leading brands, sponsors and media, allows it to face all the challenges required to ensure the success of the club with great competitiveness.


We offer sports advice through personalized, technical and strategic planning according to the characteristics and uniqueness of the club, which is designed to advise the coordinators and technicians from the company to optimize the methodology of training their athletes. In addition, the services WOSPAC Club Consultant offers include monitoring, data collection of training and games in order to analyze the team itself and the opponent. We analyze everything about the team: the talent, the pressure, responsibility and diversity with help from psychology, coaching and leadership.

On the other hand, WOSPAC Club Consultant also provides comprehensive scouting services for clubs as well as transfers for promising young players and sports clubs. We scout talented young players in order to recruit and educate them professionally. We evaluate talent and determine if the set of skills and capabilities represent the player the team needs. We value the development and potential of future profitability that the player can have.

Determining which players fit well in a team can be the difference between success and failure for the team in terms of winning and losing, which are often directly related to the success or failure of the club’s business.

Marketing Management

Sports marketing drives very significantly the number of partners, the number of sales and recognition. These three factors represent the most important benefits for an entity.

Under this philosophy, WOSPAC Club Consultant applies efficient marketing that helps the fan and the sports market in order to make the sport profitable and sustainable. To do this, WOSPAC Club Consultant will draw up a strategy tailored to the needs of the club so it can create an image for the organization, and identify new lines of action to differentiate themselves from their competitors, strengthen the image and develop relevant messages to consumers. This strategy includes the justification of expenses related to marketing through tangible metrics.

Commercial Management

In such a competitive industry like the sporting industry is, it is essential to exploit new ways to maximize sales profits. WOSPAC Club Consultant is aware of that product demands, tickets or advertising varies depend on the sport results, so therefore we promote a proactive trade policy to manage the sales department in the most efficient manner.

WOSPAC Club Consultant focuses its business consulting activities in the main sources of income for the sports clubs such as the Ticketing, Merchandising, Advertising (Shirts, Stadium etc.) and TV. In addition, we optimize the sales channels, always with the goal of increasing revenue through measurable commercial activities.

Communication Management

With technology growing exponentially, optimal communication can catch the attention of a wide audience and thus increase the club’s revenue very significantly. The rapid growth of social media and accessibility via smart phones, make communication a long-term beneficial tool.

WOSPAC Club Consultant seeks to identify the most important communication channels of the club (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Communication 2.0, etc.) to implement strategies for SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) in order to connect to a greater number of people quickly and efficiently. We optimize the management of communication via email, newsletter or via mobile devices.

Financial and legal management

In the financial area, thanks to great experience in management of sport organizations, WOSPAC Cub Consultant is able to define the best strategies in order to search for funding, collection and optimizing revenue, also to make economic analysis and cost control tailored to the characteristics and peculiarities of the club.

Also, additionally, in the legal field we specialize in the legislation of sports clubs. WOSPAC Cub Consultant works to identify, analyze and resolve all legal aspects of the company to ensure your business success.

Personnel Management

In an environment like the sports industry characterized by passion and emotion, it is essential to have well trained and qualified staff. As the coach tries to make the best of a player, a good staff management should make the best of its employees at all times.

With this objective in mind, WOSPAC Cub Consultant helps establish a training plan as well as to optimize the wage policy of the entity, especially focusing on the reorganization of the personnel structure, on advice of evaluation criteria and on the analysis of the ratio of the wage-performance of a club.