WOSPAC-Barcelona have developed WOSPAC Camps, a unique opportunity for football players and coaches from all over the world where they will have the chance to participate in the exceptional campuses of Barcelona with a unique methodology that transmits the football philosophy of Barcelona.

WOSPAC Camps exports exclusively the training model of football players used by the best teams in Barcelona. With this model it has been possible to bring up and train the best players and coaches worldwide.

During the campus, the participants have the opportunity to learn and practice all the technical and tactical concepts that are the bases of the working methods of the greatest teams Barcelona, directed by coaches with proven experience.

Camps Players Program

The camp program will be in accordance with the needs of the organizer. The WOSPAC-Barcelona team will give advice in everything that is needed to make the camps formative, entertaining and a success in terms of organisation. All the camps will have theoretical and practical parts, to make sure that also the players and the coaches understand the working methodologies that are used during the camps.

Campus Coaches Program

The added value of the WOSPAC Camps is the free training that is provided by the development of a campus of 50 coaches. This training consists of the Catalonian Football Methodology course (Part 1) valued at 250€ per person. Note: Limited places to 5 coaches per club.

Welcome – Goodbye Package

The participants of all the camps get a welcome sports package that consists of sport material for the camps and an informative plan about the campus (schedule planning). At the end of the campus, the participant will get a certification, crediting and valuing his participation.

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