WOSPAC BUSINESS IMAGE PROMOTION (BIP) is an exclusive service that is born for the need to create and build, from the ground, an personal mark. It offers a comprehensive service management rights, digital “branding” personal brand strategy, online reputation and legal advice, in order to build an optimal brand image with which, to achieve future.

Because being in the digital world has become a necessity and that risk with an unstructured presence can destroy the reputation of a brand, a business or a person in WOSPAC BIP apply our experience to guide you to the path 2.0 of success. Choosing WOSPAC BIP, you have a team of experienced professionals in the sector of your service. Your brand will grow exponentially and lead to the next level.

The close bond that keeps WOSPAC BIP with major companies and institutions from the world of sport, as well as with major brands, sponsors and media, allows facing great challenges all the necessary competence to ensure success in all its services and increase your presence in the digital world.


Since BUSINESS IMAGE PROMOTION (BIP) knows the importance of developing a personal brand strategy to seize the opportunities of an increasingly competitive market, where small details can make a difference. We therefore provide comprehensive management of image rights.

A comprehensive work will be complemented by a clear commitment to the defense and protection of image rights, especially in the context of new technologies. With this work we want to provide the opportunity to open new lines of business, new markets and close important trade agreements that promote personal branding and exploited in the best possible way your brand.

In BUSINESS IMAGE PROMOTION (BIP) did a thorough job of studying your digital presence to break down the activity and meet with a “digital clipping” what, how, where, say things about you.

Structures and create a comprehensive communications strategy, integrating online and offline marketing to provide a complete offering.

We focus our work within the imperative to exploit the full potential of the digital environment in the personal branding pillars.

  • Web Personal (digital communication)
  • Social Media Plan and customized strategy (protocols and management)
  • Branding 2.0 Implementation of Online Professionals (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest …) channels
  • Social Media Study and integral management (content planning, monitoring, analytical reports, crisis management)
  • Content Management (added value to all projects)
  • SEO (search engine visibility)
  • Online reputation (what they say about me, who speaks of me, where I talk about when they talk about me and what they talk about me)

In the sports world, often situations that can’t be missed arise. And while most elite athletes and personalities from the world of sport may be unattainable in PIP work to make this possibility a reality.

Thanks to exclusive partnerships that keep WOSPAC worldwide in BIP we offer you the best athletes and sports celebrities to promote your brands, products, services, companies or events, among others.

Having the opportunity to have professional players, currently the major leagues compete and are key players on their team as well as the promising young David Raya and personalities like Albert Benaiges, to come to your promotional event will be the key to your success.

His presence will allow you to maximize the reach and help you achieve huge success, both in participation and impact at all levels. The media coverage and the coverage achieved will be so high that the information on your product or brand will get very quickly and easily to all international audience.

With our help, you’ll get for exceptional efficiency and profitability in the promotion assured you decide!

In BUSINESS IMAGE PROMOTION (BIP), we follow an established marketing strategy, allowing us to first analyse properly the actual presence of your brand and determine what each athlete needs in a concrete way to develop the best possible strategy for your brand follow the correct road. Our way of working your mark consists of:

  • Study the value and brand presence: Player.
  • Assessment of characteristics and needs.
  • Setting targets to achieve.
  • Analysis of potential brands to associate with.
  • Media Relations.
  • Activation of social networks and web page, content creation and consolidation of fans. 

In BUSINESS IMAGE PROMOTION (BIP), we have a legal aid service, comprising lawyers on the rights of your brand, responsible for analysing and protect each trade agreement, seeing the before, during and end of each agreement . Also any possible misuse of your image. Our legal advisers ensure all to protect your interests and protect your brand by avoiding the damage, ensuring proper use of it.

Goals and benefits of PIP


  • Repeating your personal brand
  • Increase global visibility in all media attainable
  • Improve the presence and implementation of the brand 2.0 (social networks)

Benefits for athletes

  • Professionalism and dedication of a group of professionals in your personal brand
  • Signing of new trade agreements
  • Participation in advertising campaigns
  • Increased revenue generation
  • Enhancing image