As the main purpose of WOSPAC is continuing to help CLUBS, ACADEMIES, COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES in the field of sports, it helps contacting these institutions worldwide with professionals in Spain without any cost.

Thanks to its sport network in Spain, WOSPAC disposes of profiles at all levels and for all kinds of entities. This network always helps to find the best professional for every institution and because of this reason, all the institutions that requested the help of WOSPAC are very satisfied.

The profile of the people WOSPAC disposes of is very diverse; from coaches to sport directors and including partners at both professional and semi-professional level. These people can manage these entities in the field of sports and realize additional activities with the objective of always following certain guidelines set by the represented entities.

 WOSPAC wants to help you and in order to reaffirm our commitment, we invite you to come to Barcelona and visit our athletic – educative centre… Please, send us your details and we can contact you and see how WOSPAC can help you.

Which is your sport?

Find all the details of the sports of which you can get advise by WOSPAC ASE: