If we talk about SOCCER Technification, we speak about an internationally recognized project that trains, players of all levels and ages, in order to achieve optimal fitness, technical-tactical and cognitive development.

Through the support of WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC), SOCCER Technification works together with the UECornella (UEC), one of the best football teams in Barcelona. SOCCER Technification philosophy is based on the duo of learning and diversity, since the program completely develops the athlete, giving equal importance to specific game work as the pleasure of playing.


Based on the methodology of work that has made Spanish football success over the past decade, SOCCER Technification performs its sports program in gym, swimming pool and logically on the pitch, being in the latter where the essential aspects of the game are worked individually and collectively, avoiding static, old school training and training all aspects of the game.

SOCCER Technification also provides the chance for players to be enriched by other cultures and be able to improve or learn new languages, developing human and social relationships through a unique, healthy and motivating environment that brings together people of all ages and backgrounds.

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