SOCCER Coach provides, to all those people who want to be a soccer coach, the possibility of specializing in the techniques and working methodologies of Spanish football in Barcelona.

SOCCER Coach works in conjunction with the best soccer teams in Barcelona. Through its training model, it has been able to obtain one of the best quarry of players and coaches recognized throughout the world.

All the SOCCER Coach programs are taught by a team of trainers with proven experience, and are supplemented with sports sessions lead by the top class technical teams from teams in Barcelona. In addition, the coaches will be able to learn and practice the technical and tactical concepts that forms the basis for all the training methods used by the great clubs in Barcelona, making specialized courses and monographs.

Also, SOCCER Coach offers language courses and organises fantastic leisure activities during your stay in Barcelona, for an unforgettable dining experience in the most famous city in the world of football.

Thanks to the exceptional partnerships that WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC) maintains with federations, clubs, entities, and most important companies of the country, allows SOCCER Coach to offer, in Barcelona, the possibility of being trained in the methods and tactics of Spanish football training in which teams such as FCBarcelona are based on.

Where would you like to coach?

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