WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC) has developed SOCCER CAMPS with the aim of delivering exceptional football camps with a unique methodology all around the world. SOCCER CAMPS aims to convey the philosophy of Catalan and Barcelona football throughout the world, providing technical staff with extensive experience in the training of players and coaches.

SOCCER CAMPS exclusively exports the training model for players of the best teams in Barcelona. Through this model, we have managed to connect with one of the best academies for footballers and coaches around the world.

During the camps, participants have the opportunity to learn and practice all the technical and tactical concepts of the footballing methodologies of the major clubs of Barcelona, under the guidance of experienced coaches from the best teams in Barcelona.

SOCCER CAMPS has excellent partnerships with some of the most important federations, clubs and sport organizations around the world. SOCCER CAMPS has collaborated and organized fantastic soccer camps with organizations from the United States of America, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Bermuda, Lebanon and Jordan, among others.

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