Tandasi debuts

Our player of the program SOCCER Stages, Tandasi Fombutu from Cameroon, made his first appearance this past weekend with the U-18 Team of the UE Cornellà (Liga Nacional Juvenil) against Escola Esportiva Mataró. 

The mix of the success

Communication is key in any sport. As so is in any huge family or group. The success of any team is to create and encourage tight bones between its members. All of them must go in the same way, support and believe in each other.

Chemistry in WOSPAC Teams

Relationships are made day by day. The chemistry in a team is built with the daily trainings and relations between the individuals that form it. The team chemistry is something necessary for the big collective success. Having all the members understanding themselves is the key to reach the goals that have been set during the season.

Alfaro with Costa Rica U17

Sergio Alfaro, Costa Rican goalkeeper who currently is part of WOSPAC SOCCER Stages, has received good news once again. This week has been called up to take part in to a player’s meeting with the U-17 team of Costa Rica that will be by Spain for 2 weeks until April 29.

New agreement in West Asia

WOSPAC has appointed Mr. Wael Gharzeddine as the football director of WOSPAC in West Asia with Lebanon and Jordan as the first two locations with a mission to helping academies and clubs in sharing a high football level experience in Barcelona or Lebanon through players and coaches development advance program.

WOSPAC coaches success

Life can change in a matter of seconds. One play, one fault, one goal or, even one result can dictate the immediate future of a coach. The coaches are always examined. The success or fail of a club depends directly on the coach´s work.

Juan Pablo with Tigres

Juan Pablo Ortega, a Mexican player of SOCCER Stages program, departed last week heading to his native country, where he will take part in along two weeks tryouts Tigres and Pachuca, two of the biggest teams of Mexican soccer and currently members of the Mexican Primera Division. 

Musaev with Azerbaijan U19

A letter from the AFFA (Azerbaijan Football Federation Association) arrived at our Head Office in Barcelona the last April the 1st. The national team requires our player Samir Musaev to do a 2- weeks training camp with the U19 National football team in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is the first call for Samir.

Good luck Bálint!

At WOSPAC it’s usual for us to say goodbye, players are coming and leaving, and this week something has come to an end as well. Our Hungarian intern, Bálint Szakács, student from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has finished his stay in Barcelona, working in the Marketing & Communication Department in the last 2…

Kenni unleashes in Palma

In the past few weeks you could already hear about Kenni Thompson, who is taking part in our WOSPAC Stages program, because she has had some really intense and successful weeks behind.

Marco back to WOSPAC

This week we’ve had the pleasure to welcome back Marco Scarpelli, who spent the last season with us taking part in the annual program of WOSPAC Stages. He’s come back for a couple of days to Barcelona to visit WOSPAC and his old friends he would never forget. He’s been the first and only (so…