Makio, american quality

Today is the turn to introduce you Makio Yamamoto, an American born player with Japanese roots, that prefers Soccer to FootballMakio, has 17 years and is in his second season in WOSPAC, where he arrived in search of a dream, playing soccer in Europe. 

Kenni’s final game

Last gameweek of the season for Sant Gabriel “B” Women’s Team, with a new victory with a goal by our player of SOCCER StagesKenni Thompson, to close a very good season both personally and collectively.

Last training sessions

The end of the season is approaching for the members of SOCCER Stages, and we are in the last workouts for players, until it closes the season and return to their countries to spend the summer.

Cruz+Dominguez Campus

Two of our national basketball players combine efforts and create the first and unique Basketball Campus that has a Summerleague #FaceToFace as the central concept of learning and competition.

Six in a row

Before the weekend, we talked about the game that our U-19 Team was going to face, in which they closed the regular season, and they did it in the best possible way, with a resounding victory.

One day at the beach

The end of the season is coming up and the good whether shows up in Barcelona. Spring is already here and the Sun shines so brightly in the blue sky. The wonderful whether of Barcelona allows to enjoy several leisure activities and opportunities across the city.

Meet Edis Mindra

Today it is the turn to introduce you to the only Canadian player who is part of the program SOCCER StagesEdis Mindra. The 17 years old player, born in the North American country, celebrates its second year in Barcelona, at the Academy of WOSPAC. EDIS, came to WOSPAC, seeking to improve his level of football, having the possibility to train daily in a team such as UE Cornellà and thus evolve as a player.

Welcome Adam!

We are happy to announce a new arrival at WOSPAC Stages. It’s Adam Kovarskas, a 14 years old guy that comes from Lithuania, who will take part in a 2-weeks stage in WOSPAC,

New Gameweek

The end of the regular season for WOSPAC is close to the end, and our youth team arrived it after a successful streak of 5 consecutive wins,

Technology in Soccer

Technology is a fact that has come to remain. Nowadays, it applies to any field and any discipline. Technology also came to the sport field time ago.

New Victory

The field of UE Cornella on a rainy morning hosted a fantastic evening of football even the weather time did not accompanied. In the game played by WOSPAC U-19 Team against CD Imperio.