Goodbye Makio

Makio Yamamoto, American player of the annual program of SOCCER Stages the last 2 years and a half, bid farewell today to the family of WOSPAC, to undertake a new football and academic adventure in the United States.

Adam Kovarskas stay

Adam Kovarskas, ended his stay of 2 weeks in the SOCCER Stages program, where he arrived with a clear objective, “to become a professional footballer” and at the same time “be a better player and gain experience as a player” and relied on WOSPAC because it was the place that offered him all this.

CB Almeda Season

The end of the season is almost here and it is time to congratulate our “linked” basketball club, Basket Almeda, for a marvellous season. Congratulations to all the human beings that have been possible the huge successes achieved by the different teams that formed the entity.

Season farewell

The season for the players of the annual program of SOCCER Stages by WOSPAC, is already coming to the end and the players begin to return to their countries to enjoy their holidays and return with renewed energies in in aim to start in the best condition the next season.

Meet Samir Musaev

As we have been doing the last few weeks, today we introduce you another of the players who are part of the 10 months program SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC. The guy that we present today, is called Samir Musaev a powerful centre-back who can play as well as right-back that comes from Azerbaijan and is currently playing his second season at WOSPAC.

Kenni champion of Spain

The Catalan National U16 Team with Kenni Thompson, player of SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC program, in its team, has proclaimed champion of Spain in the category after beating in the final Madrid .

Closing day

The end of the season for players of SOCCER Stages, is practically around the corner, so next Monday in WOSPAC, there will be various acts to close this season, where great moments together have been through along the season.

Technification Sessions

One week more our players of SOCCER Stages, enjoyed a new session of workouts on the beach where the physical key aspects to perform much higher in the field of play are trained.

Korean talent

Today it is the turn to introduce Kim Ho Yong, 18 years old player born in South Korea that is enjoying his second season within the 10 months program of SOCCER Stages at WOSPAC.

Kenni with Catalonia

The good news about Kenni Thompson, keeps going, and this week we are grateful to announce her call up by the Catalan National Team U-16, for the final stage of the Spanish Championship of the category.

Spectacular weekend

Successful weekend for WOSPAC. Besides the winning of the Copa Barcelona the WOSPAC U-14 and U-16 Teams managed to also win friendly tournaments that had played this weekend, completing a spectacular weekend.

WOSPAC Champions!

In its first participation in the Copa Barcelona, WOSPAC, has succeeded and has won his first title in its history, after winning 4-2 against Viaro, and stringing a run of 9 consecutive wins.