Symo debuts with Youth C

Last weekend there was another debut in category Youth C. Symeon Nikolov “Symo”, 16 years old and from Bulgaria, is a member of SOCCER Stages and started the season playing for Youth D of UE Cornellà.

BAA in Barcelona

Last Friday arrived in Barcelona a representation group from Bermuda Athletic Association (BAA) to spend a few days with us.

Cadete B becomes leader

Cadet B of UE Cornellà is leader in group 3 of “preferente” league. The team of Alfonso Ortega visited the field of the first classified CF Europa, with three points of difference.

Important win of Infantil F

Very important win that Infantil F of UE Cornellà accomplished this weekend. The match belonging to round 20 of group 31 of the 2nd Division, the Green team was located in fourth place, and was receiving the third classified Martorell CF, with three more points.

The team of the week

This week we highlight Alevín I of UE Cornellà, team that belongs in group 24 of the 3rd Division and counts with SOCCER Stages member, Zinoviy Kolkovskii.

Second trimester exams

The week of the 9th until the 13th of March is a very important week for the boys from the program SOCCER Stages. During these 5 days, the boys have the exams from the second trimester in ISB (International School of Barcelona).

Match of the week

Last Saturday was played the match of the week. A representation of players from UE Cornellà and a selection of WOSPAC players, all of them representatives from the program SOCCER Stages, they matched up in the municipal football field of Santa Coloma de Cervelló.

Cadet G also can score

The match belonging to round 18 of group 25 of the cadet second division, Cadet G of UE Cornellà received Escola Esportiva Llor, from the neighbourhood location of Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Wide margin win of Infantil C

Most remarkable news, this week we want to remember the wide margin win of UE Cornellà over FE Atlètic Vilafranca. The team of Marc Alba received, in Nou Municipal de Cornellà, one of the bottom teams in the league’s table.