Edu Zurita heading for Ohio

Edu Zurita Caparrós (January 25, 1993) is a young player, 22 years old, of Sant Boi de Llobregat who begins a new sports adventure in Ohio, United States, thanks to WOSPAC BecasEEUU.

Xavi Simons trip to Bermuda

The Youngster of FC Barcelona, Xavi Simons, has traveled with his father Regillio Simons and his older brother Faustino to Bermuda to learn about the Academy of WOSPAC in Bermuda.

New agent in Peru

If just a week ago we spoke about a new WOSPAC franchise in Saudi Arabia, today our CEO, Alex Bosacoma has signed an agreement to start WOSPAC Peru.

Alexandre Nidal at the Camp

The season has ended, but WOSPAC is preparing news for next year and we are working to provide the best quality services at sports for the following season.

Delivery of diplomas

With the completion of the season the players of the SOCCER Stages program put an end to a fantastic year in the WOSPAC residence and after the match and the farewell dinner, it was time to award diplomas and to list Delivery of diplomas.

Farewell match

Today, Tuesday June the 16th at 10am at the Nou Municipal Cornellà the farewell match between coaches, tutors and staff members of WOSPAC and the boys of the SOCCER Stages program took place.

A day in Port Aventura

The SOCCER Stages members are already counting the days to the end of the school year and the end of the training to start heir summer vacation.