UEC scoring 8 against RCDE

The infantil “A” of UE Cornellà last weekend faced RCD Espanyol and the outcome could not be more amazing for the green side, winning at the Dani Jarque Sports City.

Soccer shirts history

The game of soccer is generally considered to date back to the mob football games played in the Middle Ages between rival villages without rules and with unlimited players on each side. Football never stands still. So also the shirts! Last time we talked about the shoes, and now we would like to talk about the shirts!  

Visit from Australia

Dave Joseph, Director of WOSPAC Australia, visited last week the WOSPAC headquarters in Barcelona to work on the launch of the new project that WOrld SPort ACademy will run in the Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Didac signed by FCB

WOSPAC is celebrating again but not to welcome a new member, but because our coach and video analyst Didac Soler starts a new professional adventure in sports with the big FC Barcelona.

From CH Gava to FCB

At WOSPAC we always like to talk about the discovery of talent and above all that effort, sacrifice and work as main premises, help to obtain optimum results.

Hiring athletes? Part I

WOSPAC works with athletes! Not only the players but also the staff is full athletes. Think about it: All employees played sport on high level. The question is: When are you an Athlete? In the following case we show you why!