WOSPAC Coach in Poland

14th and December 15th, the Polish city of Wisla has hosted the first meeting organized by WOSPAC Coach in Poland for football coaches in collaboration with Rafal Legierski.

Powerade Cup VI Edition

We put an end to a weekend full of football thanks to the Powerade Cup VI Alevín (two categories: 2004 and 2005) which was held from 18 to 20 December at the new head field of Cornellà.

Visit the Camp Nou BAA

The BAA boys of Alevín from Bermuda were going to the Camp Nou of FC Barcelona, with new members who have not wanted to miss the chance to see it in person.

BAA experience

The VI Powerade Cup has started and this year, the team of Bermuda, the BAA has been part of the final tournament that was held in the premises of the EU Cornellà in Barcelona for a new BAA experience.

BAA ready for Powerade Cup

The final phase of one of the most prestigious tournaments of the Youngsters category during the Christmas period. The sixth edition of the Powerade Cup will be held on 18, 19 and 20 December in the new head field of UE Cornella.

Gao Leilei visits WOSPAC

On Monday the 7th of December, the Chinese boys of the SOCCER STAGES program of WOSPAC received a very special visit, the professional Chinese player, Gao Leilei.

Agreement in Nigeria

We are pleased to announce that WOSPAC is still working in different areas around the world and has just signed a second agreement for collaboration in Africa.

UEC vs. Korean Federation

After the visit of the young players of the Korean Football Federation at the WOSPAC facilities and the subsequent tour of the New headfield of Cornellà, they were prepared to play games against the youngsters A and C of UE Cornellà.

Visit of The Hill School

On a cold Monday-morning, the boys of the SOCCER Stages program played a new friendly match against an American football team: The Hill School from Pennsylvania. The game took place at the new head-field of UE Cornellà.

7 to 1 against Thau!

The combined Youth WOSPAC team continues his winning streak and victories Last Saturday was no exception. They won the game against the Thau School team with a big score: 7-1!