The end of the season is coming up and with it, the success of each one of our team appears. We have to stand out the fight, braveness and the team work spirit that have brought to our “linked” basketball team “Club Basket Almeda” to proclaim the Catalonian Champion in the female U-16 category.

The amazing girls of Basket Almeda have fought very hard in order to get this tittle during all the season. They had some very tough and hard moments, but with sacrifice, effort and, overall, teamwork, they managed to overcome the adversities.

This is not the only big new from the Club; other female team has qualified to play the final four of the female Catalonian Cup. The Basket Almeda will face J.E. Terrasa in a match that seems to be very interesting. This is just another success of one of the several teams that the Club posses. Its teams get good results every weekend in both masculine and female categories.

WOSPAC believes, supports and fights for basketball. If you are a player that wants to come to Barcelona and be part of the success of our “linked” team, Basket Almeda, do not hesitate and find out more about our WOSPAC Stages programs here.

Congratulations! Let´s go team!


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