HANDBALL Tournaments is responsible for the organization of national and international tournaments of handball for all levels, ages and sexes. Thus providing the opportunity to participate in top class tournaments around the world.

This chance opens the doors to the young talents of the football and sports presents new opportunities for everyone to enjoy. Players will not only be able to enjoy the national tournaments organized by HANDBALL Tournaments, but can also form part of some of the most important tournaments at a global level in other cities around the world.


HANDBALL Tournaments manages and provides everything you need so that teams from Spain can compete in tournaments at the international level and vice versa. We will make all the necessary arrangements related to your travel (lodging, transportation, visas, etc. ) so that enjoying participating in the tournament is all your have to focus on.

We work to strengthen the work of the sporting world and create interesting relationships that benefit the practise of the greatest sport as a way to develop young handball players’ personalities.

Where would you like to play?

Find all the details of the regions in the world where you can play handball with WOSPAC: