HANDBALL Stages is the most innovative handball academy located in Spain that offers young players, boys and girls from around the world, a unique way to improve in sport, education and socially.

Through its highly qualified coaching staff with proven experience, benchmark working method and top class facilities, HANDBALL Stages has developed a revolutionary sporting-educational program that allows young football players to make different types trips to Spain where they can develop their soccer skills at the same time as continuing with their education.


Thanks to the support and recognition of the WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC)HANDBALL Stages enjoy exceptional partnerships with federations, clubs and most important companies in the world of handball which allows us to offer athletes unique opportunities to train and play the best teams in Spain enjoying one of the most demanding and competitive world leagues.

In the sporting arena, HANDBALL Stages represents exclusively the best teams in Barcelona, those of which are among those that are the most recognised entities in handball training worldwide. In addition, HANDBALL Stages also collaborates with the best teams in Spain where the player may train at its younger levels. The philosophy of HANDBALL Stages is based on the fact that the handball player must enjoy, learn and train athletically in the best teams in Spain, having the possibility to play against teams like the FC Barcelona.

At an educational level, HANDBALL Stages gives the opportunity to the international athletes to learn a new language, as well as continuing the studies they are working in their country of origin, by enrolling in the most prestigious private international school in Spain. The HANDBALL Stages program provides all the tools necessary for a healthy sporting development, learning a new language and knowledge of a new culture through the sporting-educational tandem.

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