WOSPAC and Palestine. Champions Global players

WOSPAC Barcelona has made the presentation of the U-16 player Yousef Aljamal, who joins the annual WOSPAC Stages programs. The player comes from the Champions Global training center in Gaza (Palestine), with all the desire and enthusiasm to reach his best sporting level and be able to knock on the doors of professional soccer. WOSPAC is proud to be able to welcome such a committed player who is really focused on his sports career while investing in his academic and personal training. With the arrival of the Palestinian player, WOSPAC shows the confidence that families and organizations place in this Sports Academy, which is becoming more and more consolidated as the most complete option with all the guarantees for athletes who decide to invest in their career towards the world of professional sports. WOSPAC will help Yousef in everything he needs and will provide him with all the tools he requires to develop as an athlete and reach his maximum potential before making his way in the European professional soccer.

WOSPAC continues working in EEUU

WOSPAC's work in the international arena is very important, so we continue to cross borders to grow and improve hand in hand with our partners. This week, our international director has traveled to the USA to experience first hand how a club with a great projection works, the Charleston United Soccer Club. An intense and profitable week for both parties, in which we have been able to live the day to day of the club, analyze their performance and be in their end of season celebration with which they have ended the sporting season. Now, with new and ambitious projects to work together, WOSPAC will carry out a week of technical training with the Charlestone United club next July. Soccer training sessions conducted by top level professionals with the aim of training and developing the careers of their players towards their highest level. At WOSPAC, perfection in the daily work is vital, both for the personal and educational development as well as for the sporting development of each player. With this visit to the USA, WOSPAC continues to demonstrate its great management and leadership capacity, backed up by its complete sports and educational programs, which are achieving so many success stories every year. Thank you for the welcoming and making us feel at home once again. Thank you very much and we wish you lots of success! See you soon

WOSPAC Andorra

WOSPAC, the international sports academy, with presence in the 5 continents, whose objective is to help young athletes to improve in the field of sports and education, is established in Andorra as an important headquarters after reaching an agreement with the Agora International School. With more than 10 years of experience and more than 12,000 people trained, Wospac was originally located in Barcelona to help players and coaches from all over the world to progress in sport with a special focus on academic training. Following the agreement with the school and the Agora Andorra residence, Wospac is now assured of having a new, top-quality location in the principality to offer short and long-term stays for national and international audiences. Wospac works with the most advanced professionals and training methodologies. This is the only way it has succeeded in exporting this working model all over the world thanks to its 12 sites spread over the five continents. WOSPAC and Andorra an innovative international initiative. The international sports academy will offer sports and academic training starting in September 2022 Young soccer players, cyclists, tennis players and basketball players from all over the world will be able to train in a safe and privileged environment. The academic education and residence of the athletes will take place at the prestigious Agora International School Andorra. Experts in education and sports from all over the world highlight WOSPAC as the most innovative international sports, educational and personal training initiative ever seen and encourage people to enjoy this experience. In Andorra, those who want to progress and become professionals in different sports, such as soccer, cycling, tennis or basketball, will be able to do it, although there will also be the possibility of doing it in other sports such as paddle tennis, swimming or athletics. To ensure the best education for the athletes, WOSPAC AND has reached an agreement with the prestigious Agora International School, a private school located in the heart of the Pyrenees whose aim is to form responsible, ethical people capable of achieving success in all areas of their lives through the values of sport. Agora International School Andorra is located in a privileged natural environment in the town of L'Aldosa, in the parish of La Massana, at an altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level. It has more than 7,000 m2 of facilities, where the different academic spaces and social and recreational areas are located: classrooms, dining room, swimming pool, halls, sports center and large outdoor areas. It will also provide the residence, which will allow athletes from all over the world to live there. It is a three-story building with a capacity for 50 people, with rooms, two leisure areas, a dining room-study and all the necessary services for the athletes' daily life. CEO of WOSPAC Andorra: "We are very excited to be able to establish an international sports academy of the stature of WOSPAC in Andorra. We believe that the principality has all the characteristics for this, as it [...]

Nigeria and WOSPAC, to professional soccer

WOSPAC is currently enjoying the Soccer Tournament in Abuja in which more than 14 teams are participating. Teams from all over Nigeria together with teams from Cameroon and Ghana are part of this great Soccer Tournament. The players of each team as well as the Technical Staff show all their potential to be able to win the champion trophy in the final next Saturday. Our International Director Xavi Hidalgo has gone there to share with the athletes every moment of the Tournament and both players and coaches appreciate our presence as it shows the commitment and involvement that WOSPAC has with African soccer. WOSPAC looks for talent, potential and skills so that players from around the world have the opportunity to develop their sporting careers under the guidance of the best professionals. During these more than twelve years of operation of the WOSPAC Sports Academy we have learned that, just as many players come directly to us, there are others that we have to meet and facilitate their sporting, educational and personal development. With our focus on the 5 continents, every year we discover great players to give them the opportunity to become professionals. That is why we have taken the opportunity given to us by our partners and collaborators to travel to Nigeria and provide them with our advice and support. While the goal of the teams is to take home the champion's cup, this tournament is a great opportunity for all participants to show their qualities and make a qualitative leap in their sporting careers. We wish all the teams great success and a prosperous career for all the participants. Wherever there is sport, WOSPAC will be there. We hope that our grain of sand will help in the development of great sporting careers of African soccer players. Good luck champions!

Morocco and WOSPAC, to professional soccer

Morocco is a country with a real passion for soccer. That is why WOSPAC works with sports professionals, committed and committed to the development of soccer in the country. Talent, enthusiasm and dedication is what we perceive every time we deal with the people behind each sports project in Morocco. Both players and coaches strive to improve in every aspect in order to reach higher and higher goals. The ultimate goal of every player is to become a professional footballer, so WOSPAC is the ideal way to start laying the foundations of a long-term project that wants to be able to train its athletes to reach the highest level. WOSPAC has a clear commitment with the Moroccan country and that is why it is helping in the development of some sports projects together with Mr. Ibrahim in lovely cities like Chefchaouen and Meknes, so that thanks to his experience and advice they can achieve their goals. WOSPAC, together with Mr. Ibrahim and his team, will give the players and coaches of the country the opportunity to show their talent and develop their sports and professional careers. Morocco has an extraordinary sporting potential, so the agreement that started earlier this year we are sure will start to succeed very soon. Best wishes, dear Ibrahim, you are already part of the WOSPAC team!


Last January, Wospac started a project dedicated to the study and research of the influence of soccer and its impact on society. This project focused mainly on 3 countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. First stop: Saudi Arabia. Great expectation after the reception of the Spanish Super Cup by Saudi Arabian society. The atmosphere in the days leading up to the Super Cup final was incredible, with both Saudi and Spanish colorful streets. After such a spectacular event, Wospac went deep into the country’s grassroots soccer through partners in the city of Riyadh, with whom they spent several days working with different academies and clubs in the city. Undoubtedly, Saudi Arabia will be a country of great renown in the future of soccer and Wospac will be fortunate to support its great projects. Next stop: United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai. Here, Wospac professionals saw a massive development on a large scale, not only at the level of infrastructure and attractions for tourism but also at the sporting level. In the Emirates, there was a great eagerness to improve the soccer level of both players and coaches. With different leagues already consolidated, teams compete weekly throughout the year, in the same way as in Spain. In addition, there is a strong commitment in the country to Spanish players and coaches. Again with the help of the partners, WOSPAC had the opportunity to get to know this great evolution from the inside. Finally: Cairo (Egypt). There, WOSPAC spent some wonderful days with the members of the WOSPAC Egypt Academy. Visits were made to two of the four sites that Wospac currently has in that country with more than 200 players. One of the most important in the city. During the stay in the country of the Pharaohs, a big tournament was also held with the participation of two WOSPAC Egypt teams. Once the tournament was over, the International Director of WOSPAC (Xavi Hidalgo) talked to the kids and gave them some details of WOSPAC Barcelona. Fortunately, the work of WOSPAC at an international level is growing noticeably. WOSPAC Egypt is an academy that has been in existence for two years and is a reference and a source of great pride for the WOSPAC family.

WOSPAC signs with CH Gavà

On Wednesday WOSPAC signed a new agreement with Gavà Handball Club to expand their sporting and professional capabilities and thus incorporate handball as a new WOSPAC sport. Alex Bosacoma, CEO of WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC), and Joan Castañera, President of CH Gavà, signed the agreement at a ceremony held at the facilities of the club In Gavà, Jacme March Pavilion. The head of WOSPAC, Alex Bosacoma, said that “This agreement with CH Gavà not only opens WOSPAC’s sporting possibilities with a new sport, but it also allows the development and exportation of the Spanish handball sports model to other parts of the world. We are pleased to work hand in hand with a benchmark Catalan and Spanish handball club. It is an honour to have them and, without a doubt, we will achieve great things for handball.” Meanwhile, the President of the Catalan club, Joan Castañera has thanked “The collaboration and support from WOSPAC has provided our club with an international projection, in addition to supporting a minority sport. From the beginning, when our technical director spoke to us of the project, we saw that because of the way we work, we could generate interesting synergies thanks to WOSPAC”. CH Gavà, an opportunity for handball lovers Gavà Handball Club is a club that was founded more than 50 years and one that wants to continue writing their story in the world of handball, now alongside WOSPAC. With clear objectives: grow as a club, identify national and international talent and find the best ways to make boys and girls continue training to become the handball professionals. As pointed out by Castañera: “minority sports such as handball, in the near future, will be on the rise, and have the opportunity to place the club in a safe and privileged position that will help us to emerge in this joint project with WOSPAC. Hard work accompanied by the best professionals and with the best tools, no doubt, are the ideal combination to achieve success.”


Few days ago, WOSPAC signed its first agreement with a sports club that is not related to the world of football, the Gavà Handball Club, thus, becoming a new sport for the company.  On Thursday, April 30, WOSPAC once again expanded their sports and professional boundaries to other sports closing a partnership with the Almeda Basketball Club. The signing at the basketball club’s headquarters, located in Cornellà, was attended by the CEO of WOrld SPort ACademy (WOSPAC), Alex Bosacoma and the President of CB Almeda, Manuel Estepa. For WOSPAC, basketball is also new experience, because for the past 5 years it has been responsible for the training of more than 10,000 football players and 3,000 coaches. It is a job that will provided WOSPAC with a unique experience, taking on a new sport and meeting its expectations. The first to take the floor following the signing of the agreement was the head of WOSPAC, Alex Bosacoma, who expressed his support for basketball highlighting “the great opportunity that working with Club Basquet Almeda represents as it brings us closer to quality basketball and to search for international projection.” “We want the club Almeda to become a benchmark to all the basketball players from around the world who come to Spain to look for opportunities, rising to the highest level at this club from Cornellà”. Bosacoma also said that “it is a pleasure to be able to work with the CB Almeda and to grow together through basketball”. Then Manuel Estepa, President of CB Almeda did not want to waste any time getting to his point that “this agreement with WOSPAC is a great initiative that we are really looking for to. We already are a club with a significant history in Catalan and even state basketball, and this collaboration can give us a very interesting sports package.” Estepa also wanted to point out that “the work and the characteristics of our club will facilitate, without any doubt, the collaboration with WOSPAC. It is possible we will get surprises, in the form of players, and may see athletes very different than the ones we have here at the moment. This is not only be relevant for the quality of the players, but being able to combine sport with the social aspects that will take place. A challenge that we are willing to accept.” CB Almeda, the pool of female basketball Talking about female basketball can often be difficult and even more when we refer to a semi-professional club as the Club Basketball Almeda, but the facts throughout the years have shown that the club, under Estepa’s guidance has become the benchmark. “We have one of the 3 or 4 most potential pools of female basketball players and we are working to continue this trend. This can be a means to attract players from all over the world thanks to WOSPAC. But we are also working hard to reach the highest level with the male basketball. We have already moved up the ranks and [...]

Harvard University in Cornellà – WOSPAC

On Friday 5th of June, the Nou Municipal in Cornellà was visited by the men’s soccer team of the prestigious Harvard University to play a friendly match against the Youth B of UE Cornellà.The players of Cambridge, Massachusetts visited Spain after a short Italy tour, to learn about Spanish football and to take the opportunity to face some spanish teams in a couple of friendly matches. The opponent of the university students was the Juvenil B team of the green entity. In their first friendly match in Barcelona the Americans won by 2 goals to 0 against UE Cornellà, with SOCCER Stages member Joey Soeder in its raks. Both teams measured their potential in a closely fought first part, with many touches of quality by Cornellà but little success in front of the goal. The Harvard team had some very good chances, some saved by the goalkeeper and others frustrated by a strong local defense. But just before the end of the first half of the match, and after a good combination, the university team scored the first goal. After the break, Soeder, also American, entered the field to play the second half. The game continued in the same vein and just a few minutes after resumption, the Harvard team scored the second and final goal on the scoreboard. A good play on the left side that ended with a powerful shot into the net of the Cornellà team. A good experience for both teams. But the day in Cornellà was not finished for the Harvard men’s team. After the match some team members of WOSPAC accompanied the whole expedition, more than 30 people, to make a visit through our facilities to show how our players live in Barcelona.

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