Last weekend, the U-14 WOSPAC Team, faced Can Vidalet from Esplugues de Llobregat, and the feelings of the team were very positive. The coaching staff leaded by Diego Morata and Pau Estévez, at the end of the game showed its satisfaction about the evolution experienced by the team since the start of the season.

The match was very tight during the whole game, and had phases of domain by both teams. WOSPAC was ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a goal from Runyi Pan, but this was countered by Can Vidalet, who managed to turn the scoreboard, scoring two goals. In the second half, the domain continued to be alternating, until ours got the control of the ball looking to tie. Finally, 5 minutes before the ending of the game, Chen Jiazhou got what WOSPAC had been looking hard for the whole second half, scoring the tying goal.

The WOSPAC game was very complete, and the balance could have been tipped in our favor deservedly, even so, the draw was a good result against a team of Primera División Infantil.

Keep it up guys!