This weekend WOSPAC has received the arrival of a new member of the soccer stages program, the 16-year-old Jacob Kattokaren from Abu Dhabi.

Kattokaren landed in Barcelona with his father for two weeks at our facilities to enjoy soccer in Barcelona and also to see firsthand the Catalan capital.

The youngster from Abu Dhabi is currently part of Al-Ahli FC, his hometown team, but has traveled to Barcelona to discover our soccer stages program, but above all to get to know his soccer potential. After arriving Kattokaren said that he is very happy with this experience and was enthusiastic about the trip: “Getting to Spain to play soccer is an incredible opportunity to see the level of this fantastic country and certainly, even that it is just two weeks I will improve tactically and technically.”

During his stay, Jacob will take part in the morning trainings of WOSPAC with other players of the program, but he will also train in the afternoon training with the youth of UE Cornellà. Also for several days he will enjoy our multicultural program and leisure activities in the city of Barcelona.

Kattokaren will return home on 1st of November, but we hope that his experience in Barcelona has been helpful and we hope to see him soon in WOSPAC. See you, Jacob!