The BAA boys of Alevín from Bermuda were going to the Camp Nou of FC Barcelona, with new members who have not wanted to miss the chance to see it in person.

As has become usual for the guys who come to Barcelona to enjoy a WOSPAC Teams, visit the stadium and FC Barcelona Museum is a must. The issue of Bermuda could see and a stadium that has a higher number of people currently living in the Islands, an unknown quantity for them and spectacular at the same time capacity.

During the visit at Camp Nou of FC Barcelona last year, the boys of Bermuda enjoyed two games of Blaugrana, a match of the Copa del Rey between Barça and Huesca, and a league match, where Luis Enrique were measured at Cordoba CF.

On this occasion, due to the commitments of FC Barcelona with the World Cup of Clubs in Japan, Bermuda players could not see the team live and of course the best players like Messi, Neymar and others … But they saw the end of Barcelona and River Plate on television and eventually they saw the Catalan side won with a resounding 3-0 on the scoreboard.

Comments wonder and surprise were heard at all times. Some were speechless. But all were shocked to see the fantastic stadium of the Catalan team. Everyone wanted to capture the moment that will remain to remember: I’ve been at the Camp Nou!