Today it is the turn to introduce Kim Ho Yong, 18 years old player born in South Korea that is enjoying his second season within the 10 months program of SOCCER Stages at WOSPAC.

Kim came to WOSPAC with the intention to improve and grow as a footballer, while making friends from all over the world and learn new languages, like English and Spanish.

If we talk about the characteristics of Kim as a footballer, we find a player who likes to play as a winger, place where he feels more comfortable on the field and where he displays better his football. Also stands out for its versatility and his good control of the ball and ability to dribble, likewise has an excellent displacement of the same. Kim is a player who stands out for his dedication in the trainings with WOSPAC as well as the teams where he play, enjoying much in them and it gives everything to improve each day as a player.

Since his arrival Kim, has made great progress as a player, taking big steps forward, becoming increasingly a player more intelligent tactically and who feels very comfortable playing in various positions in the field. Over this period in WOSPAC, Kim has alternated workouts with teams of the city of Barcelona as UE Cornellà, CD Almeda and Unificación Bellvitge along with daily training with WOSPAC.

If you want to live the same experience that is living Kim, do not hesitate, visit , sign up and enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Enjoy the video, in which Kim shows us his quality with the ball, as well as gives us details of what he has learned with WOSPAC.