Before the weekend, we talked about the game that our U-19 Team was going to face, in which they closed the regular season, and they did it in the best possible way, with a resounding victory.

The team led by Narcís Sirvent, won by a convincing 1-4, with goals from Miraash, Harry Darwand, Jiatao and Jason Alvarez. The game was dominated from the beginning by the WOSPAC Team, and La Farga team, could do little to counter the superiority of our guys.

With this victory, the team strings his sixth victory in a row, and thus faces the decisive stretch of the season full of morality, and enthusiastically face to win the final championship of the Copa Barcelona, which held their first round this weekend and of which we will inform you in the coming days. Lots of encouragement to our kids, and continue along this path of good football and results.