The season for the players of the annual program of SOCCER Stages by WOSPAC, is already coming to the end and the players begin to return to their countries to enjoy their holidays and return with renewed energies in in aim to start in the best condition the next season.

In order to farewell the season in the best possible way, as we announced last Friday, yesterday we celebrated the end of the season with the dispute of a match between coaches and workers against the players of the Academy, along with a lunch to commemorate the end of the season and the subsequent delivery of diplomas.

The match between all the active members of WOSPAC, was very disputed and had moments for both teams leaving remarkable glimpses of quality and is also worth mentioning the great atmosphere that reigned at all times. At the end, the Academy players managed to win the match thanks to a goal in the last minute that gave them the victory.

After the game the lunch was held to commemorate the closing of the season all together, and were handed over the diplomas certifying the performance of the annual program of SOCCER Stages.

The season that we have enjoyed together has been spectacular and we are very happy how it has developed. We have experienced great moments together along the year every day at the residence as well as during the dispute of the MIC, where we enjoy an incredible week as a team. And finally, what better way to close the season being champions of the Copa Barcelona.

In WOSPAC we are already waiting for the start of the new season, see you soon guys. If you want to enjoy a experience like this do not hesitate and contact us.

Enjoy here some photos of the big day we spent yesterday.