The second round of the handball Catalan college championship took place in the Catalan city of Igualada the last month of February. After the development of the championship, the semi-finals are as following.

  • Universidad de Barcelona vs Universidad Pompeu Fabra
  • Universidad de Vic vs Universidad Autónoma de Cataluña

Igualada hosts the competition again celebrating the final round. The semi-finals are on March 3rd. The games are expected to be intense and full of emotion. The favourite for the tittle is the university of Barcelona due to its potential

WOSPAC was represented in the tournament because of Brenda Arias who is a player of the Handbol Gavà which is the handball club linked to us. The Polytechnic University of Barcelona selected her. Brenda played an important role for her team even though it was the first time she was selected for such an important date. She had a main performance in the qualifying game for the semi-finals against Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Unfortunately, her team was defeated by two goals difference. However, Brenda contributed to her university made that far.

This is not the only and last great success that Brenda will achieve in her promising career. It will not be the last success in the training of handball players by Handbol Gavà either. WOSPAC encourages every handball player to find out our amazing programs and join the success of H Gavà.

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