The field of UE Cornella on a rainy morning hosted a fantastic evening of football even the weather time did not accompanied. In the game played by WOSPAC U-19 Team against CD Imperio.The game was dominated overall by WOSPAC, giving the advantage to WOSPAC thanks to a goal from Habib within half an hour of match. It has thus completed the first part.

In the second 45 minutes the team WOSPAC has continued pressing and build with tranquility, generating enough danger, even that has gone up to the marker in a right shoot from outside the area of Miraash. With the 2-0 in the scoreboard WOSPAC, abused of individualities and forgot the collective game, penalizing the fluidity of the game, and didn’t allow to widen the scoreboard. Yet the domain was 100% local and they set out in many occasions although it failed to realize most of them.

Without a doubt, a very serious game and well leaded by coach, Pau Estévez .

Good guys win!