We all love football, but do you know we can relate a lot of sports with football? In this new we will show you 6 soccer games.


In Autoball, two cars playing one on one to fit goals in the opponent’s goal with an inflatable ball. To play this game you need to have two and a very large space. The spectacular nature of this game makes it perfect for television, but not so much for the fans, by its severity and its high cost.


The Jorkyball is a game (2 vs. 2), who was born in France in the 90s. It is a cross between soccer and squash. The aim of Jorkybal, like in football is to score a goal in the opposite goal. The difference is that in this case the track is 10m x 5m and can make use of the walls of the track. Currently in Spain there are only 8 tracks adapted to this sport.


The Footvolley is a mixture between volleyball and football. Usually it played in the sand on the beach, but it can be played on other surfaces. The only requirement is that the field is the same as the volleyball field. The rules of the game are similar to those of beach volleyball, except that it is forbidden to touch the ball with the arm or hand. Also each team have two players.


As the name suggests, the game is exactly like a football, but in this case the players are within the football. For this game it is necessary to have a large space such as a campaign where to place the inflatable structure of football. This structure has a number of bars to which players have to hold on. The bars move to the sides, like a traditional football, and players can’t move from its place in the bar, which are fastened with their hands. They can only rely on your feet to control the ball and make shots.

Football Golf

This game is a mix between football and golf. The rules are the same as in golf, only instead of sticks feet used to direct the ball. This sport is played in the traditional fields of golf, which are fitted with holes 80 centimeters by which we must strain the ball.

Football Tennis

This sport was born from the combination of football and tennis. The game takes place on a tennis court, and practiced with a football. You can use any part of the body except the arms and hands. Each player can touch the ball more than two times. The maximum number of passes between teams is 3. Besides this, the game is like tennis. You can play 1 on 1 or 2 v 2, such as tennis. There is an International Football – Tennis Federation (FIFTA), which sets the rules of the sport. Some football clubs employ this method as an exercise in your workouts.

These games are just an example of what you can do with football if you use your imagination. Are you going to challenge some people of WOSPAC?