Today it is the turn to introduce you to the only Canadian player who is part of the program SOCCER StagesEdis Mindra. The 17 years old player, born in the North American country, celebrates its second year in Barcelona, at the Academy of WOSPAC. EDIS, came to WOSPAC, seeking to improve his level of football, having the possibility to train daily in a team such as UE Cornellà and thus evolve as a player.

Edis Mindra, plays as a Central midfielder. It has a high technical quality, with the ball at the feet, allowing him to always deliver high performance. He has a great shot from half distance and likes to incorporate much in attack, which its teammates appreciate, thanks to its facility to assist. Likewise, characterized by having a good tactical intelligence, allowing him to be always well located defensively, recovering essential balls essential for the team.

Edis, progress has been somewhat truncated this last season, by problems with injuries, yet the progress leading up to the moment, was being very promising and hoards it matches played with the youth “d” of Cornellà. Where the good level shown did not happen unnoticed for coaches, giving him the opportunity to train with top level team.

During the past MIC, unfolded in the midfielder in one of the two youth teams of WOSPAC, which had an outstanding performance, getting with the team to the second round.

The future of Edis Mindra, as a midfielder, both in the creative phase as defensive, is promising and we hope that it can continue to evolve and leave behind problems with injuries that had.

Don’t miss the chance to meet Edis and know what its experience so far in WOSPAC Stages and enjoy with your best skills with the ball.