Last Saturday was played the match of the week. A representation of players from UE Cornellà and a selection of WOSPAC players, all of them representatives from the program SOCCER Stages, they matched up in the municipal football field of Santa Coloma de Cervelló.For the Green team, managed by Marc Fortuny, played Sergio Roberto (Costa Rica) as a goalkeeper , in defense Juan Pablo (Mexico), Samir Musaev (Russia), David Medvedchuk (Ukraine), Yanick (Canada); midfielders Makio (Brazil), ChenHan (China), Roman Yosuf (Malaysia) and in attack Martin Deda (USA), Mateo Valloto (Norway) and Jason Alvarez (USA). In the bench were waiting for their opportunity Antonio Carvelho and Blaiz Hall, both are players from Bermuda’s.

On the other hand, WOSPAC’s selection team, managed by Basel Bawab, did it with Blairi (Holland) as a goalkeeper; in defense played Sam Houston (Ireland), Joey (USA), Gary Tannert (Indonesia), Zhang Yue (China); midfielders Steven Kotvas (Australia), Miraash (Maldives) and Jiatao Yang (China), and as forwards Haochen (China), Marco Scarpelli (Italy) and Jaime Giraldo (Colombia). In the bench Daniel Rodriguez (Venezuela) and Robert Butcher (Australia).

The players from both teams did a great job since it was a very disputed and attractive match, which was won at the end by WOSPAC’s selection team 2-1.

Marco Scarpelli, the Italian striker, put ahead the team at the very start of the game. In the 25th minute of the first half, the player of UE Cornellà, Blaiz Hall, magnificently chipped the ball from 40 metros, beating the Dutch goalkeeper from WOSPAC’s team, to put 1-1 on the scoreboard. Right before the break, Robert Butcher, from WOSPAC, score the second and final goal of the match (1-2).