The good news about Kenni Thompson, keeps going, and this week we are grateful to announce her call up by the Catalan National Team U-16, for the final stage of the Spanish Championship of the category.

The call of Kenni, player of SOCCER Stages program of WOSPAC, is the result of the impressive season she has done with the second team of the Sant Gabriel and stellar appearances that has also showcase with the first team, scoring spectacular goals, which is worthwhile to see again and again. The presence of Kenni in the team will certainly give an extra quality to them, and they can take advantage of her shamelessness to face the rivals and his prodigious 1 vs. 1 and excellent dribbling and shoot that she has.

Catalonia, will debut against Asturias, in the first of the two semifinals, the other will face the teams of Madrid and the Basque country. The final will take place on Sunday at 11 am.

Starting today the catalan team, will be concentrated on the facilites of the CAR of Sant Cugat, before leaving tomorrow to Malaga, where the finals of the championship will be hosted.

From WOSPAC, we want to congratulate Kenni on her call and wish her good luck in the Championship.